Friday, March 27, 2015

Who's DNA Was Found On Summer's Remains?

Hello Again R,
I was commenting a few days ago to a poster who stated there couldn't have been much in the way of evidence found in or around the graves.  

So I went into the mummified remains still clothed, fingernail clippings from Summer at least, etc, and that there were indeed around 100 pieces of evidence as the LEO has stated on record.  

Why Is Sheriff So Concerned About My Source?

Have heard through the "grapevine" that SBSD is "committed to finding the leak," the person who has provided to me info that has not been make public, about the jail, its conditions, and how Chase Merritt is being treated. Good luck. Close to 650 employees, many of whom actually have a conscience? Never happen.

"I am sabotaging the case," they say. Huh?

Grab Bag Comments

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Reprehensible: McStay Gravesite Dishonored By Brother and Mother

An individual who has followed this case for years and whose heart is still broken over the deaths of Joey, Summer, Gianni and Joseph Mateo, especially those two little boys, went to the McStay family gravesite recently on Joseph Mateo's birthday.

She just wanted to talk to Chubba, to wish him a "Happy 8th Birthday." She wanted to make sure he was ok and for him to know that people care about him, miss him.

What she found made her physically ill.

Look At The Questions Patrick McStay Had For His Son Mike!

For the past four years or so, Patrick McStay has supported his son Mike, unconditionally. Anytime anyone accuses Mike of any sin, Patrick unleashes the kind of hell that only Patrick can. Well, it wasn't always like that. 

Over the summer of 2011, when I was working on the first edition of the book with Patrick Mcstay, I was about to interview Mike McStay and had a number of questions for him. (Patrick knew his son was dirty and had told me so on many occasions.)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is D.A. Being Forced By Sheriff To Abuse Chase Merritt's Civil Rights?

The Sheriff's Jail: 
Merritt being held at West Valley Detention Center, one of most dangerous jails in America
Deputies routinely torture and beat inmates and have been sued for hundreds of millions of dollars
Sheriff McMahon stands by his "demented and socially deviant" deputies at West Valley

The Case:
Ramos knows his case is weak, probably needs a plea deal to get a conviction

Letter From Reader Asks Profound Questions

Dear Rick,

You are doing a wonderful job working so hard on your blog and as you see, thousands are at least reading it.  AA good portion of those are just learning about these murders for the first time.  That's one goal you've knocked down.  Unless you have people watching and especially a large portion who look at it totally objectively, you get a great ability to see the percentage of people that's calling, and hopefully a jury, BS on this case.  At least as it stands thus far.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Is Chase Merritt Safe In Sheriff's Torturous Jail? No!

I am concerned for the safety of Chase Merritt.

Something is not right at the jail. Another lockdown, no one is able to see Chase for another week. He cannot be doing well, physically. He is fed crap for food, treated as a quadruple murderer by jail employees and even the SoCal media is convinced that he is the killer of the McStay family.


SBC Sheriff's Department: Corruption At Its Finest

"San Bernardino County, where justice is meted out by lawmen who are quick on the trigger but slow in, if not entirely neglectful of their duty to investigate the actual facts of the crimes they are seeking to solve and determine the guilt of those assumed the perpetrators."

 Mark Gutglueck, San Bernardino Sentinel, May 23 2014

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Boneheaded or Corrupt? Sheriff Bypasses D.A. To Get Merritt Arrest Warrant!

Why would the Sheriff's Department go straight to the judge, ignoring and bypassing the D.A.'s Office altogether to get a Ramey Warrant signed for Merritt's arrest?

Why do this? My source told me it was because the Sheriff feels that they have their suspect, but may not have enough evidence to convince the DA, but maybe a judge, and so they get a Ramey Warrant to circumvent DA review.

Is It Rare For Extended Family Members To Interfere With Murder Cases?

Is Mike McStay, and his interference with this case from the beginning, rare? In addition to all his contradictory statements, Mike has sent his supporters en masse to all Internet sites following this case, simply to post "spin" comments in order to that take the focus off of himself, or his mom.

What about his mother, who trampled a crime scene by cleaning up what turned out to be a possible murder scene? 

McStay Family Gets Their Memorial Bench! RIP McStays!

We are thankful to learn that Joey and his family have their memorial bench now.

It is located on San Clemente Beach, Dije Court Beach Access or "204's" as the local call it.

Joey, Summer and the kids frequented this beach while living in San Clemente.  RIP McStays.

Monday, March 23, 2015

White Truck in Video Could be Mike Mcstay or Dan Kavanaugh's

I received clarification from my source at the SBSD today about the vehicle in the famous "neighbor's video."

Authorities are 100% certain that the vehicle in the video is a "white truck" and not a "white Trooper," as the San Diego Sheriff's Dept. led everyone to believe. They cannot prove it is Chase Merritt's, only that it is a white truck. It is most likely a Chevy Silverado, but even that apparently cannot be proven based on the vehicle identification experts who have studied the tape.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Looking For "Public Protest Volunteers" and "Daily Court Briefers" For Chase Merritt's Trial

I am looking for people from all over the world who want to attend the trial (if and when it happens) and help me with a peaceful protest each day on the steps of the courthouse, by holding signs like these. Take your vacation and support Joey and his family. 

My Email Correspondence With Mike McStay

On Aug 29, 2011 4:26 PM, "Rick Baker" wrote:
Mike - don't you think it's a bit childish to put me on hold for 8:13 seconds and then hang up?
You have my voicemail, you know my number. Please call, we need to sit down.  rick

On Aug 29, 2011, at 6:35 PM, Mike McStay wrote:
Rick,  I had 3 calls going at the time of your call...and the primary to Troy DuGal the lead detective. Sorry you waited so long, but are you really insulting me and calling me childish? Mike

Patrick McStay's Felony Check Charges

On Dec 2, 2011, at 9:23 AM, Nick Geraci wrote:

Mr. Baker, we are trying to get Mr. McStay back to New Orleans on Felony Worthless Check Charges.

If you can get him to turn himself in to local Harris County Sheriff's or come to New Orleans, it would be greatly appreciated.

My Conversation with Michael McFadden

On Feb 20, 2013, at 6:25 PM, Michael McFadden <> wrote:

Mr. Baker,
The reason I never contacted you is due to the fact that we want nothing to do with you or your book.  That being said, I will now tell you that you are a parasite for making my wife out to be an adulterer.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Mysterious Tape May Play Into This Case After All

The SDSD never cared about Joey or his family. This email string shows as much. It is possible that this part of the case will rear its ugly head again soon.

Date: July 30, 2011 at 11:48:36 PM EDT

From: Patrick McStay <>
Subject: Dugal's Illustrious Investigation
To: Rick Baker <>

Following The Money...

Patrick forwarded this to me in June of 2011. Much of this is in my book so you might reread it for a refresher course. However, I have included additional info here.

FW: PayPal
Monday, September 20, 2010 1:52 PM
From: "Patrick McStay"
To: "Troy Dugal" <>


Why Were Lights Set Up At The McStay Victorville Gravesite and What Were They Doing?

One of our supporters just contacted me about bright lights he noticed that had been set up at the McStay memorial site at about 7:30 pm on Wednesday night, March 18. He tried to investigate, but the road was closed. He couldn't take a picture because his government-issued cell phone doesn't have a camera. He went back a few hours later to take some pictures, but the lights were gone and all was quiet.

Who was at the site and why were they there?  (Thanks Dan for your efforts!)