Friday, May 22, 2015

Am I A Hypocrite?

I asked myself this today as I was updating events in realtime for the prelim. It angered me that Chase was not allowed to change clothes. The corrupt DA did that on purpose. It angered me last night when the scheduled visit Chase had with a family member (who had to fight traffic and leave work early to get there on time) was just ignored by the corrupt jail and their corrupt employees just because they could. They lied about the visit being not scheduled, because that is what they do, they lie.

Today's Hearing: Mike McStay Rebuked For Bringing Coffee Into Courtroom, Sits Lovey-Dovey With Asst. DA, New Hearing Monday, June 15, Pre-Pre June 12

Why can't I be this cool?

Pictorial of hearing:

Tonight's Show: Joe Nelson and "Taylor" are Guests, Open Lines About Today's Hearing

Joe Nelson will be my guest in the first segment on tonight's show and will update us on the day's events as well as any new info on the case. Read Joe's latest article here. Then, Chase's daughter, Taylor, will be on at 9:00. She told me she "definitely has some more things to discuss." Will be a bomber show!

Link to show.  Call-in number: (347) 989-0374.  8:00-10:00pm (PST)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Websleuths Trial: Download The Full, Unedited DEPOSITIONS of Tricia Griffith and Sue Pruitt

Earlier today I posted a thread about Sue Pruitt's new crime forum, She started her forum in April after settling her lawsuit against Tricia Griffith when they were partners at Websleuths.

According to a source I spoke with today, someone very close to the lawsuit, Sue sued Tricia, accusing her of wiping out the WS bank account for the partnership and overdrawing the account repeatedly to the point where upgrades for the site couldn't be afforded. Sue sent Tricia a demand letter, hoping she would comply, but, according to the suit, Tricia kept spending all the money. After the demand letter was sent, a member came forward saying that she had been giving Trisha money because Trisha said she was broke and there wasn't money for the server fees. After that more members allegedly came forward saying they gave Trisha money for the server, computers, a leaking roof, utilities, etc. Spot, Sue decided that she needed to file a lawsuit because all attempts to have Trisha follow basic business principles had been in vain and now she knew Trisha was lying to people. The website was making plenty of money. I don't know where the money was allegedly going, but Tricia did take The Fifth when asked in court about her gambling addiction. I think that sums it up.

Daugherty Files For Continuance Because "Dugal's Wife is Having Surgery"

A source "close" to the DA's office told me yesterday (5-20) that San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney Sean Daugherty, the man who is prosecuting the case, the same man who suddenly fell ill on May 19, forcing him to delay the hearing, even though he had secretly delayed it the night before, when he wasn't ill, filed today for a continuance of at least 30 days because Det. Troy Dugal's "wife is having surgery." Chase will be served with the motion today and there will be a hearing to approve the motion. I don't know if that hearing will by at the regularly-scheduled prelim tomorrow, or sometime today. 

But, this is reinforces my belief that Ramos is stalling. There are just far too many unusual things happening all of a sudden to believe otherwise. 

The delay brings questions:

UPDATE: COVER-UP! District Attorney Gets Look At Chase Merritt's Case File

Updated: May 21, 12:45am:  New information adds to the timeline of events and seems to confirm DA wanted to see Chase's files. After court was adjourned, instead of returning Chase to the WVDC, he was taken back to the hospital. He had an MRI to see if he had a torn rotator cuff. By the time he was returned to his cell, he had been gone eight hours. Why was he taken back to the hospital again after court? Could it be because the DA's office was not finished looking at his file and needed more time?

The Many Faces of Mike McStay

Does anybody really know this man?

Who is the "real" Mike McStay?

Stay tuned, we are about to find out...

The Impending Death of Webseluths?

Lots of talk today about the impending death of the crime forum Rumor has it, pretty good one too, that WS is down for the count. Wouldn't surprise me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19 Show RECAP

We had a good show. 

Thanks to Joe Nelson for an excellent recap of the day's events and this case in general. I appreciate him taking so much of his personal family time after a long, strange day in this case. He is the real deal, make sure you follow him on Twitter.

UPDATED: @Webseluths "Blood Found All Over The House" Tweet False


From Chase Tonight: Chase has read and reviewed all the discovery he has been given, more than 10,000 pages. There is NO DISCOVERY, NO REPORT, NOTHING that states that the "home was covered in blood that has been cleaned up with bleach or anything similar. There was no blood found in the home, other than a very small drop that came from the present owner.

So, where did Trish Griffith, owner of Websleuths get this false information? Maybe Patrick McStay?

Post Your Questions For Tonight's Show HERE

Post any questions you have and we will address them on TONIGHT'S night's show.
Call-in number: (347) 989-0374.
LINK to show.  Joe Nelson will update us on the day's events, beginning at 8:05pm PST. Discussion to follow into the night...

Tonight's Show Expanded To 3 Hours 8-11 Pacific Standard Time

I have added an extra hour to tonight's show what with all that has happened today. Hard to keep up. 

New Time: 8:00-11:00pm, PST
Here is the LINK to the show. 
Here is the number to call: (347) 989-0374. 

You can call from your phone if you just want listen to the show, or you can call this same number to get on the show (press 1 when prompted) and ask questions or give your expert opinion.

Profound Comment

As I was standing in the throngs of onlookers waiting to go into the court room, I happened to observe all of the Merritt family as they stood in prayer, holding hands, heads bowed.. that they all were dressed appropriately for court no tennis shoes, no T-shirts, no stupid ass fedoras, no gum, etc. another thing I noticed is they did not come in like rock stars. They did not court the press and or media. They stayed pretty much together as a group sometimes holding hands, sometimes arms around each other, speaking quietly to one another. They were very respectful of everyone there. Unlike Michael and Susan who walked in and went straight up to the front of the crowd and began speaking to the press at the court room doors. Another thing I noticed? The lack of interaction between Patrick and Michael. Oh sure Patrick sat behind Michael in the court room but they didn't really ever interact with one another. Didn't look like a good loving father son relationship to me. The contrast between the two families was startling and telling. And I noticed that something like 10 members of Merritt's family were there to support him. Sure didn't look like he was some violent criminal loser like the McStay camp would have us believe.

No Guarantee Hearing Will Be Friday

BREAKING: Officials say no guarantee planned Friday prelim will move forward after Merritt mulls attorney hire.

Patrick and Susan Raised Him Right! Mike McStay: The Great Disrespecter!

Mike McStay, the Great Disrespecter has struck again!

First, it was disrespecting and spitting on the gravesite of Joey, Summer, Gianni and Joseph Mateo McStay.

Now, he disrespects the San Bernardino Judicial System by showing up at the preliminary hearing wearing faded jeans, a nasty tee sand a fedora. Yep, a fedora!

I bet his parents are proud!

Who is Chase Merritt's Attorney?

Jimmy Mettias. Who is he?

Family law and immigration since 2010?  Lots of bad reviews?  Not a criminal attorney? What the heck?

Pictures of Today's Hearing

May 15 After The Show Thread

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May 15 Show Thread/Today's Hearing Here

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Here is The One Action of Mike McStay That I Believe Proves He Knew Joey Was Dead

Ok, lots of comments from readers expressing their "one behavior of Mike McStay that proves he knew Joey was dead." I didn't intend for you all to comment, but glad you did. Keep the comments coming. Now, the one behavior I believe shows us Mike knew Joey was dead.