Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Just as a note, the National Weather Service has issued all types of serious weather for us on the top of this mountain tonight, from  hail to high winds, etc. If I do not go on at 7p, EST, it is because the weather has creamed us. Once on, who knows if we will stay on. All depends on the weather. Hopefully, the show will air as scheduled. RB


Tonight's Show: What is Wrong With This Picture?

For over four years, people around the world have felt compassion for Patrick and Mike McStay. They lost they family members. They are grieving. Joey was Mike's "best friend." We have seen him cry. Patrick talked to Joey every day. He has lost his son and family. And on and on it goes. These observations are all true and I am sure that grief is involved. 


Attention Cancer Patients and Addicts! The Doctors May Be Killing You!

(Let's take a break from McStay today and talk about how the doctors may be killing cancer patients)

When my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer late last year and given three months to live by her oncologist, I was mad. No, I was livid. No, strike that. I burst into flames.

How dare a doctor, any doctor who is supposed to be committed to healing their patients, tell my wife, or any patient, that they are going to die!

Who the hell do they think they are?

They are not God. They do not have the right to put a timeline on someone’s life. They should be trying to heal their patient, not put them in the ground.

When my son became addicted to prescription pain meds a few years back, he was told by the doctors that for the rest of his life he would be a “recovering addict.”

Who the hell do they think they are?

They do not have the right to label my son as such. They should be trying to heal him of any addiction, not manage it.

The power of words. When they come from a person in authority, can bring life or death.

When a stage four breast cancer patient is told they are going to die in three months, most of these patients will believe their oncologist and give up. After all, aren’t the doctors the authority? Don’t they know more than the patient? If they say their patient is going to die, and read a bunch of charts supposedly confirming this, they had better get ready.

Bull crap.

When a drug addict or an alcoholic is told by their doctor that they will be an addict or an alcoholic for the rest of their lives, most will believe their doctor. I mean, why not? They are the authority. This is their business and they know what they are talking about. So, the ‘addict/alcoholic’ will prepare for the worst for the rest of their lives. Frequent relapses that may kill them, behavior that will get them fired from their jobs often and prohibit them from having any lasting, meaningful relationship in their lives. Who wants to have a relationship with a “recovering addict?”

Bull crap.

What do these two conditions have in common? Both show a medical system that has gone off the rails and is actually killing their patients by the thousands each year, all because of the almighty dollar.

In the case of my wife, her oncologist is recognized as one of the top in the state of North Carolina. She is a sought-after speaker and has written numerous breast cancer research papers, funded by grants.

Who provides the money for these grants? The pharmaceutical companies. Do the pharmaceutical companies make a profit when stage four breast cancer patients are healed? Nope. Do they make a profit when these cancer patients are prescribed chemo, radiation and cancer drugs? Yep.

In the case of my son, every one of his doctors, without exception, has labeled him a “recovering addict.” Every one.

Do these doctors, who either run, or work at rehab clinics, make a profit if my son is healed of any addiction? Nope.

What happens to their clinics and their profit if their patients just decide that they are no longer going to be labeled as an addict and refuse to be addicted any longer? They close.

Today, eight months after my wife was given three to live, she thrives. She is being healed every day. Why?

First, because she refused to believe an conscienceless doctor who told her when she was going to die.

Second, because she researched on her own, ways to kill the cancer in her body without the use of any invasive drug from a company that puts little value on life. She found the importance of diet and nutrition. So, she instantly went to a full-organic diet (me too!) and she is being healed. Yes, God is the healer. But, let’s not forget that God has ordained His laws. The care of the physical body is one of these laws. You put poison in it, and it will die. Treat it with respect, it will live.

I am still in the process of putting together all my research and investigations on the relationship between all these doctors and this "system" that actually murders patients, and the drug companies. Early next year, I hope to release my study to the public as my fourth book.

Until then, if you have cancer, in any stage: The doctors don’t get to tell you when you will die, so don’t let them.

If you are an addict: Your AA counselor, rehab specialist or doctor doesn’t get to label you an “addict” or an “alcoholic,” so don’t let them. You, and you alone, are in charge of your body. Do not forget this!

Your attitude while you endure this present challenge in your life, means everything. It will determine your healing.

If you believe that you will beat cancer and take the steps necessary, you probably will. If you believe you will no longer be an addict or an alcoholic, you can beat the addiction.

Do not let the system dictate your life. They do not have charge over you. You own and control your life.

Take it back today and make it the best it can be.

Rick Baker

Mr. McStay, You Are Hurting The Case

Mr. McStay, please tell the truth. This post is only hurting the case and slowing investigators 
as they try to interview and re-interview witnesses and suspects. 

One Man's Theory And Experience With The Cartels

One man's theory and experience with the Cartels: (from an email he sent me)
The cartel members I dealt with lived in a “Cell” house located just one block away from 6 year old Cole Pufinburger house where he was abducted. 
And both the cartels “cell”  and 6 year old Pufinburger home was just a ¼ mile from my house. Read HERE 
The Cartels main safe house was located in Anthem In Henderson in the same neighborhood that Steven Koecher was last seen imo “alive” 12/09.
This is when the time the Cartel was briefly missing for about 2-3 days… then suddenly appeared at my house with that 1 pound of marijuana I needed, covered in orange desert dirt like they just buried someone in the desert..  and they was panicking on their cell phone while at my house,  and then a few days later the “Head” cartel dude fled who resided at that Anthem house location…to southern California..

Anyways long story short… I have dealt with many members from this cartel.. probably 10 of them.. they all told me they were from the Sinaloa cartel.
Some was American citizens that recruited as a couriers too.

There seems to appear a pattern that several American couriers for the Sinaloa Cartel had stolen money or was giving a “short” on amount of cash that the cartel have given them……. and the cartel put a hit out on all current American couriers.   Because after Steven Koecher went “missing” and the head of the Sinaloa cartel “cell” who resided and operated a safe house in Anthem /Henderson that appeared at my house covered in orange desert dirt like he just buried someone in the desert and fled to southern California, The other cartel member that still resided in the “Cell” down the street from me, came over my house bragging how he was NOW going to traffic the cartels drugs and money on I-15 up and down through Utah and Northern Nevada making various stops at town along the I-15 exactly like Steven Koecher was doing…  Like he was going to be the replacement of Steven Koecher courier job..

The Sinaloa cartel is the most dominate Cartel who resides and operates from our American neighborhoods in the southwestern states. I have also dealt with “La Familia cartel too on a few occasions in Las Vegas..

Also I forgot to mention to you that I ran in to a person last month, that I knew from back in the days, Ivan who is  a drug dealer who ran in to debt with the Mexican cartel in Las Vegas. He told me that he ran in to a $1500 debt from the cartel and the cartel sent a hit man, a Sicario, from Arizona to collect the $1500 debt for the cartel. The Sicario entered Ivan Apartment and demanded the $1500 at gunpoint. Ivan did not have any money on him but was lucky that the Sicario spared his life and took Ivan’s Dodge truck making Ivan sign over the title to it and left with it.

Now back with the McStays… IMO, the McStays was murdered at a Sinaloa cartel safe house, then dumped in the desert.. the children was probably murdered in front of the Parents first ……  and the way LE is being tight lipped about the autopsy’s..  I am going to say probably they were all beheaded,..  because how hard is it to say they were all shot with a gun? If a gun was used I am sure a skull or two would show a bullet in their head…  right? And what the cartel wanted was their missing money..  I am sure JM wanted to give them the 100k in the bank but the problem was how the hell you going to get 100k cash out of the bank in cash without popping a red flag somewhere..   this is why I am thinking that DK or MM ( I always thought MM had knowledge of something from the beginging) may have a good idea what happened to the Family..    and tampered with the evidence.. to hide that fact..   like what was in that Futon cushion that was disassembled in the Mcstays house?? 

Best Comments Of The Day

And another gem from Michael:

I was watching Disappeared (again) last night and when Dugal phoned Michael to let him know about the border crossing footage, Dugal said "I've got some interesting news" and Michael said something like, "Bodies? Is it bodies?"


Saturday, July 26, 2014

McStay Memorial Set! Will Announce Sunday Night on Show

In the past 24 hours we have had about $10,000 pledged to another possible McStay Memorial, as long as "Patrick, Mike, Susan, Cheryl, Jean, Tanya or Debbie are not in any way involved."

There are many following this case who want to be involved with a true memorial, not one that has been poisoned, like this from Tanya:

Tanya Jacobson Smith on Search4mcstays- " That was when I personally called the City of San Clemente to find out what was going on. I was told that the bench project had been shut down for a while and only recently (probably the city council meeting Sandra allegedly attended) had been voted on and reinstated. The lady I talked to was Miley, and she said it was still in the early stages and most likely they would not be making applications available for another month or that time someone would need to complete the application and submit it for all that 'time is of the essence' talk of loosing the spot if we didn't raise $5K in a week or so, was bull! NO application has been submitted or approved" 

What Tanya willfully failed to mention was that the application process had just been implemented in the preceding 24 hours, and that Miley had not yet informed Sandra or the others interested in the memorial benches. Tanya purposefully and willfully posted false and misleading information designed to malign and slander Sandra to make it appear that Sandra had lied and was a thief. Miley called me this morning to clear this up. She also said that she told Tanya that the application process had just begun, that no one yet knew of this, and that she reported the conversation with Tanya to her boss, to protect herself. Poison.

So, now, what are your ideas? Please either post your suggestions here or email me at: We can talk about this on Sunday's show.

Norma Thomas is The Coward Who Called Sandra

Norma Desmond has been aggressively denying that she called Sandra and it appears she was correct. 

The coward who used her name was another "Norma." Norma Thomas. Here is her confession:

Norma Thomas 10 hrs · Anaheim, CA, United States Hello to set the record straight I contacted Sandra to see if it was ok for Patrick to contact her in regauards to the memorial bench.Sandra and I had a very pleasant conversation and she gave me permission to give Patrick her number and that is the extent of my involvement.I am very sorry to Norma Desmond for any comments made by Rick Baker.I in no way had any control over that.Once again I'm sorry.

Soooo, once again it is my fault?

Let's see, Ms. Thomas willfully misrepresents herself by using Ms. Desmond's last name when calling Sandra, (instead of her own) and it is my fault? These people need a lobotomy.

Below is the original thread where these members started panicking because it was all beginning to blowi up around them:

The first a thread started by Norma Desmond & the second is a thread where Norma Thomas asks to speak to Tanya privately & urgently. It appears that this Norma Thomas may have been the one who contacted Sandra with the agreement of Tanya. Norma Desmond, as you will see is furious at what she sees as a cover up to protect Norma Thomas. Tanya of course is conspicuous by her absence & Patrick is just ignoring the fact that some of his followers basically just screwed another member over.

Friday, July 25, 2014

UPDATE: Sandra Complains To San Diego Sheriff's Dept. About Telephone Harassment by Patrick McStay

Ok, everything is calming down now a bit, so let's put in perspective everything that has happened since 7p last night.

• Last night, a woman identifying herself as Norma Desmond called Sandra, telling her that she had found Sandra's contact info online. "The lady said her name was Norma Desmond, very clearly. I have not mistaken her last name. She told me it was Desmond," said Sandra. She told Sandra that she wanted to give Patrick her number so that Patrick could call her and "thank her for her efforts with the Memorial Bench."  Sandra said she could give her number to Patrick but not anyone else. "I wanted to talk to Patrick and tell him how sorry I am about his family," said Sandra.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

McStay Memorial Bench Fundraiser Canceled – All Donations Have Been Refunded

It has come to our attention from posts such as these below, that Patrick, Mike and Susan want to be in charge of any Memorial Bench for Joey and his family.

Sandra and I have talked at length and both agree that the best thing for us to do now is step aside.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FACTS About The McStay Case

In preparation for this Sunday night's broadcast, let's start listing FACTS in the comments section. No hearsay, rumor, innuendo or speculation. Only facts. Here is one example of a factoid, or a non-fact:

"The Trooper was parked in the border parking lot on Monday, February 8 at 5p."  (There is absolutely no proof of when the Trooper was parked there.)

CANCELED: The McStay Memorial Bench

Sandra had a scare from San Clemente yesterday. The lady with the city in charge of the memorial benches had been out of the office since Sandra had won approval from the City Council for the McStay bench last week. When she returned to the office, it appeared that all the benches were gone, taken by others who wanted memorials as well. Apparently, there were many others who also wanted the bench after Sandra was able to get the program re-instated by presenting the McStay Memorial to the Council. $5,000 in San Clemente is not much money, a very wealthy area, so the benches were scooped up quickly. It was an edgy day for Sandra until last night when the City confirmed that benches are still available. We do not have one reserved, it is first come first served. So, the sooner we complete our campaign, the better the chance we will get one. If all benches are gone by the time we reach our goal, all donations will be refunded.

In the first 6 days of the McStay Memorial Bench campaign, 59 contributors have raised $2,225 toward our goal of $5,000! Almost half way! This is fantastic! Thanks to all for opening your hearts and pocketbooks. And, thanks to Sandra for spearheading this campaign!

You can go to the site HERE

We are using Fundrazr because it is easier to donate and all funds can be returned in the event we do not raise the $5,000 goal. I believe we will raise it very quickly.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Steph Watts Guest On Justice For McStays Show - Download Here

Thanks Steph for a great interview! 

We were able to hear him for 90 minutes, instead of just sound bites.  

Download show HERE

Gray Hughes Grave Site Tire Tracks Research Here

: HERE is the information found by Ada 
that shows the weather on and around February 4, 2010. It does also rain on the 9th and 10th but the trooper being found on the 8th matches the rain on the 6th and the burials being between the 6th and the 8th. Gray.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This Person Understands

"This is the most admirable thing any one has done for this family. They do not have a proper memorial anywhere that the public knows about. 

The spot in the desert does not cut it with me and little Joey’s name is not Giuseppe. 

Post Mike McStay Media Quotes Here

Ok, Sunday night's show is set, or at least the first two hours.

Over the past four years, Mike McStay has given many interviews and has been quoted in the media often, probably hundreds of times. We have all heard that many of his quotes may not add up but have never really been able to compare them side-by-side. Until now.

Questions For Radio Show

Ask your questions about the case here. We will address them on Sunday night's show.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Reward Rescinded

Effective at 9:00am EST, on July 18, 2014, the $125,000 cash reward offered for information that leads to for an arrest and murder conviction for those responsible for killing the McStay family, has been rescinded.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LE Getting Tips From 'WE TIP' and 'Crimestoppers'

From: ++++++++++++++
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 9:26 AM
To: Phillips, Charles
Subject: McStay Family Case

Dear Detective Phillips,

I am very concerned that the murderer(s) of the Joseph McStay family have not been apprehended. My son and his young family are stationed in the Navy in San Diego and I have great concerns that a person (or people) is (are) at large in the community with the capability and mental fortitude to murder toddlers and to annihilate an entire family. 

Join Us Sunday Night For The "Justice For The McStays" Radio Talk Show

I hope to have an ANON guest on the show, one who knows more about the case than I do. Still not set in stone that they will appear, will let you know later in the week.

Thanks for all those who participated in the first two shows.

The stats are great, as far as I am concerned. We have had 1,296 live listens and 871 downloads of the show after it has been archived, if I am reading the stats correctly.

The more publicity for this case the better so keep telling your friends about the show and please call in with your questions of input. We had 195 callers on the last show, but I think I only took about 50 calls. I think the stats are a bit skewed there, it appears that if someone calls, presses "1" to talk to me and then hangs up before I can get to their call, it is still logged as a "caller." I will try to get to more callers in the future and sorry so many have been on hold for so long.