Monday, March 2, 2015

Coppers Have It Wrong? What If Dan Kanaugh...

Yes, the coppers have arrested and charged Chase Merritt with the murders.

Again, so what?

No evidence yet, and the DA is wanky at best. I'm not saying he is innocent, just no proof offered yet.

So, let's look at other theories.

Coppers Have Wrong Man? What If Mike McStay...

Yes, the coppers have arrested and charged Chase Merritt with the murders.

So what?

No evidence yet, and the DA is wanky at best. I'm not saying he is innocent, just no proof offered yet.

So, let's look at other theories.

Based on the facts we have now, which obviously are not as clear as what the coppers have, but they are facts nonetheless.

WHO RESCUED WHO: Can a Big White Dog Help Her New Mom Conquer Stage Four Breast Cancer?

It was a day like any other when Becky came out of the store. A slight misstep getting into the car caused an instant pain in her back. “That wasn’t really unusual since I’d had a long history of back issues” Becky told me. “I just figured it would be better in the morning if I took it easy the rest of the day.”

Fast forward through a trip to the emergency room, pain meds to no avail and eventually some x-rays and an MRI. Five days after the stumble, Becky found herself being admitted to the hospital in, of all places, the cancer ward.

“I went from thinking I’d tweaked my back again, to hearing those dreaded words: you have cancer. Wow. What a reality check.”

The next few hours and days were a blur, from pain management to a biopsy to an ill-timed “quality of life” talk. After being given an expiration date of about three months, Becky entered the world of cancer treatment, with surgery, radiation and chemo the only options.

The McStay Murders: Theory?

While we await the presentation of evidence by the state at the April hearing, let's explore different theories of what we believe happened. Was Chase Merritt framed? If he did this, would he bury the bodies so close to home? What evidence was found in the graves? Did he have help? What was the motive? Has the state made conflicting statements about evidence, motive and suspects? Who knows, someone may be lucky. There is a great deal of information in my book about Chase and all the surrounding players.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chase Merritt's KABC Interview: What Did You Think?

ABC 7 LA interviewed Chase tonight where he proclaimed his innocence. What you did you think of the interview.

I bet Mike and Patrick McStay are just a bit unsettled about now.

If you missed it, see it HERE

Mike McStay Still Seeking Donations?

This is lifted from the Lightening Their Way website HERE

“My family is overwhelmed by the love and support that friends and strangers have shown us from around the world, including the donations made on the family’s website. If anyone has a question about the donations I feel like because of the generosity of the public, I would be remiss if I didn’t give full disclosure for the donations received, in total $4483.02. McStay Family and Friends would never even consider prospering during this tragedy. All donations are going toward our operating expenses, such as flyers, private investigative work, a potential reward fund, and any other expenses that arise. All donations are monitored by a third party not related to the family for integrity. Questions or concerns can be emailed to him directly: nick@mcstayfamily.comPlease feel free to stop by the website and show your support for the family if you are unable to attend the Memorial.

Do WS And Other Crime Board Members Hurt Cases?

"WS 'investigators,' many of whom are nothing more than trolls, all with torches and pitchforks with their tiny little troll legs and arms and pointy hats, who all leave their hundreds of cats at home, with the only purpose of taking down anyone who does not fit their agenda. They have never seen any case file and have never talked to law enforcement, yet profess to be experts."

The Right Way To Seek Donations and Offer Rewards

There is a right way and a wrong way to seek donations or offer rewards for a missing family member. Here is the right way. Had the McStay and Laspisa families used this guideline for their donation program, I would have had nothing to write about.

It's hard to assess the true value of a reward in recovering a missing child. The offer of a reward might renew media interest in reporting on a missing child, or it might be the thing that motivates a person living on the fringe of society to call in a lead.

Although rewards do not always produce the right leads or have the anticipated results, the use of a reward may be worth considering. This chapter discusses some important issues for you to think about before setting up a reward. It explains how to manage reward or donation funds correctly and where to go for help or advice.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today's Exercise: Encouraging Comments

Here is a challenge for you for today: Every comment you post on every page or forum, will be a positive one. You will not condemn, criticize, rebuke, demean, or belittle anyone with any post or comment. All will be encouraging and uplifting. See if you can do this. Bet you can't. (Oops, did I just break my own rules?)

WS, JQ and Blink: The Breeding Grounds For Anonymous Defamation

Someone asked in a comment on my blog if I really wanted to take on the giant Websleuths and other crime boards like JusticeQuest and Blink in Crime. "With their thousands of members this is a fight you cannot win," they wrote. They are probably correct, but I fight nonetheless.

The Internet has become a platform for anonymous defamation. It is breeding subhumans the likes of River Selah, Jerrie Dean and others.

Do We Have The Right To Ask Where Donated Funds For The Missing Go? You Bet We Do!

That's a good question that I thought I had answered, but apparently not with much clarity, so I will here.

My posts about the Laspisa case are mainly a series of questions. Some of these posts then suppose the logical outcome based on the possible answers to those questions. That is it. Very simple really.

Why then do these questions make so many angry?

I am accused of being rude to the family, attacking the family, being insensitive to the family because they are victims, (when the real victim is the one who is missing) and just trying to stir up trouble by asking these questions.

I contend, that if the family of a missing person seeks the help of the public by asking for volunteers, or financial donations, they have then made themselves accountable to the public, which has the right to ask these questions.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Email: "Something fishy is going on with the Laspisa family"

The following email was written by someone involved with the case from early on. I have redacted names and other revealing info to protect the author's identity. The underlined sentences are mine for emphasis. They all confirm what I have alleged on other threads here. For example, on Bryce's FB page, Brian, Bryce's uncle posted this at the top of the page:

What Happened To Bryce Laspisa? My Theory

In the past ten days or so, I have had many emails, callers and unpublished comments asking me for my take on what happened to Bryce. I have spoken to close to twenty people in that timeframe, who possess detailed, inside knowledge of the case. Even though I have not been on this case very long, it doesn't take a whiz bang detective to formulate a theory on what happened to Bryce Laspisa. Here you go:

By all accounts, Bryce’s stepfather, Mike Laspisa, is a volatile man and his relationship with Bryce was, at times, a difficult one.

There is no doubt that Mike loves his stepson very much and that Bryce loves him. There is also no doubt that Bryce was a handful. Just like many 18-year-olds, Bryce dabbled in things that should be avoided. This causes more than heartburn for a loving father.

It's No Fun Asking Hard Questions About Bryce Laspisa Case

Here's what we know:

• A Southern California teenager mysteriously disappeared in August of 2013, leaving behind all his personal property.

• His disappearance is ruled a voluntary one and law enforcement is no longer actively pursuing this case.

• A website is published by the family, asking for donations to help find Bryce.

Rick Baker: McStay's Grave Shameful

Today was Joseph Mateo's birthday. He would have been eight years old.

An individual who has followed this case for years and whose heart is still broken over the deaths of Joey, Summer, Gianni and Joseph Mateo, especially those two little boys, went to the McStay family gravesite this afternoon.

She just wanted to talk to Chubba, to wish him a "Happy 8th Birthday." She wanted to make sure he was ok and for him to know that people care about him, miss him.